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Ardluk Spirit by Aurelien / Puma




AKA Puma / Galaktikaptain Puma

Puma found art as his true passion while travelling across the globe in his early twenties immersing himself in the traditional cultures of India, Tibet and South America.


Tibetan monks and Indian Spiritualists introduced him to the art of thangkas, mandalas and meditation, which confirmed what resonated within.

His first exhibition was held in Paris in 2002 with overwhelming success. From here he travelled to Peru in 2005, where he tuned into a deeper sense of the unique style of art he wanted to bring to the world.


He had always been very sensitive to energies and intangible essences beyond our senses. By creating his own fractals and melding them with sacred geometry and stunning blends of colour, he was able to express what he was perceiving in the microcosmic and multi-dimensional or invisible worlds.

Over the next decade he continued to exhibit in the UK, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Canada, USA and Australia.


He also performed live visual journeys through the international psytrance festival circuit with producers including Desert Dwellers, GMS, Hedflux, Asterix + many more and also VJ’d with Robert Miles at a private retreat in Ibiza, 2013.

Between travels he built a base in Australia as well as Pumayana, his online and festival shop selling a range of products with his art, with the intention of spreading more light, inner joy and awareness of the unseen, beyond our 3D world.

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